Borrowing power calculator

Borrowing power calculator – Use the Atomic Home Loans Borrowing power calculator to calculate how much you could borrow.

Input your income details, expenses and liabilities to get an estimate of your borrowing capacity.

Please note, the results shown are estimates only and are there to be used as guides.

Each lender will have their own specific policies and borrowing criteria. This might result in you being eligible to borrow more funds through them, or perhaps even lower your borrowing capacity or make you completely ineligible for a loan.

If the application is a joint application, the second applicant can enter their details alongside applicant one. The results will show you how much your combined borrowing power is.

This borrowing power calculator isn’t designed for investment loans, however, as it will not allow you to account for rental income. If you would like to know what your borrowing capacity is for an investment property, give us a call on (02) 9188 8834, or drop us an email at

This borrowing power calculator should be used primarily for owner occupier calculations. If you are considering an investment property, you can add 80% of the weekly net rental income to the section that says “other net income”. This will give you a ball park figure, however it won’t be accurate enough for you to use as a property shipping guide.

Most lenders will assess your borrowing capacity for an investment loan based on 80% of the rental income, not the full 100%. The reason for this is because they assume there will be vacancies throughout the year. It also creates a safety buffer for them to ensure the borrower isn’t reliant too much on the rental income and can service the loan based on his or her personal income.

It’s worth noting that you should be as accurate as possible when listing your expenses. Too many people underestimate their expenses and it can ultimately mean being declined for a loan, or being approved for a loan that is too small, or worse, one that is too big and can’t be repaid without going into hardship.

Creating a budget and tracking your expenses will also mean you can take control of unnecessary spending.

For a more detailed analysis, contact a Home Loan Expert from Atomic Home Loans by calling (02) 9188 8834 or by leaving us a message on our contact us page so one of our experts can get in touch with you.

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