Income gross-up calculator

Use the Atomic Home Loans Income gross-up calculator to work out your gross income based on your net income.

This is a relatively simply calculator that allows you to calculate your annual pre-tax salary, based on what you earn after-tax each week, fortnight, half-month or month.

This income gross-up calculator is especially useful when you are looking to buy a home and wanting to calculate your maximum purchasing power. In particular, it can help you calculate your borrowing capacity  so you can determine how much you can spend and what the repayments would be like.

To use this calculator, start by inputting your take-home pay. This is your after-tax earnings paid to your bank account each week, fortnight, half-month or month.

It is important that you select the correct frequency of payment.

The results of the calculator will detail your gross earnings for the year, pre-tax.

You will also be able to work out how much tax is payable based on your gross income.

Additionally, you will be able to work out your tax to gross income ratio.

Knowing your gross income and how much tax you will pay each year can help you identify property investment opportunities that may reduce the tax you are liable to pay, whilst also increasing your net worth by investing in an appreciating asset.

The income gross-up pay calculator will not work if you have:

  • a pay as you go (PAYG) withholding variation in place
  • a withholding declaration you completed, to increase the withholding from your pay or to claim tax offsets
  • deductions (pre-tax or post-tax) taken from your pay, including:
  • pre-tax deductions, such as workplace giving, are arrangements where you make a donation to a charity and the donation is deducted from your pay before tax is calculated – tax in this situation is calculated after the donation is deducted from your pay
  • post-tax deductions, such as union fees, payee superannuation contributions, are deducted from your net pay that is, after tax has been deducted from your gross pay
  • a lump sum payment of back payments, commissions, or bonuses (including leave loading) that you received.


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