Property buying cost calculator

Use the Atomic Home Loans Property Buying cost calculator to work out total cost associated with buying a property

Use this property buying cost calculator to work out exactly how much your next property purchase will cost you.

Use our Stamp duty calculator to first work out how much stamp duty, mortgage registration and the transfer fee will cost you. This will vary based on the state of the purchase, the value of the property, wherether you are a first home buyer or not, whether it is an investment property or will be your primary residence, whether you are purchasing an established home, a new home or vacant land, and whether you are a foreign purchaser.

Once you calculate your stamp duty costs, mortgage registration and transfer fees, you can then input any fees charged by the lender, such as application fees, legal fees and/or LMI.

This Property buying calculator will also allow you to account for other buying costs that you may not necessarily have considered. These include;

  • House insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Solicitor or conveyancing fees
  • Strata search
  • Pest inspection
  • Moving/relocation expenses
  • Building/council inspection
  • Land Tax
  • Rates & utilities

This property buying cost calculator is an eye opener to many first home buyers whom underestimate the costs associated with buying and managing a property.

All of the costs listed in this calculator need to be accounted for when budgeting to buy a property. House and contents insurance is something most don’t account for, yet it costs an average of $100 per month. If you’ve not budgeted for that, that can be a significant and necessary expense.

There are other expenses you need to consider too. For instance, if you are moving further away from work, you want to account for the extra costs you will incur with travel to and from work each day.

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