Property selling cost calculator

Use the Atomic Home Loans Property selling cost calculator to work out the total cost associated with selling your property

Much like when it comes to the costs associated with buying a property, the costs associated with selling a property are underestimated most of the time. Fortunately, however, this simple to use property selling cost calculator can help to put things in perspective.

To begin using the calculator, input the expected, or contracted, sale price. This is either what you hope to sell for, or what you’ve sold it for, depending on what stage of the selling process you are in.

Next, input the fee that your real estate agent will charge you. If you don’t yet have a real estate agent, click here to send us an email asking requesting information on recommended real estate agents in your area.

Some real  estate agents will charge a flat fee for their services, while others will charge a fee  based on a  pre-agreed percentage of the sale price. In most cases, the average you can expect to pay is 2% of the sale price.

Keep in mind, sometimes it pays to pay a little extra to attract the best agents, as they may be able to sell the property for you at a substantially higher price than someone who perhaps charges less.

If you’re going to auction, you can also input the auction costs you can expect to encounter.

Additionally, you will need to account for lender  fees. If you have an exisiting mortgage, you will be required to pay a mortgage discusharge fee, a settlement fee, and potentially even early exit fees or prepayment fees.  To figure out these costs, it is best to speak with your current lender.

This property selling cost calculator will also allow you to account for costs associated with removing all of your household items, solicitors fees, settling outstanding bills such as for utilies and rates.

The final figure shown is the total selling cost you will be required to pay.

More often than not, people are surprised with what this works out to be. Now, add this selling cost to the total buying cost for your next property (You’ve got to live somewhere!) and you will quickly see how expensive moving houses can truly be.

To use our property buying cost calculator, ­Click here. You can also use our stamp duty calculator by clicking here.

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