First Home Buyer

A qualified individual involved in the purchase of a principal residence for the first time, and are recognized on the basis of several criteria regarding the individual retirement account (IRA) is referred to as first time home buyer. When such criterions are fulfilled by the owner, then the owner can be granted special privileges like early distribution penalty exemption. The home purchase need not be a traditional home for qualifying as the first home buyer although it is necessary that the residence has to be the principal residence.

Before the customers really move into their new homes, they have to undergo a number of lengthy processes, but the Atomic Home Loans has made it easier for the first home buyers. It is required to get pre-approved prior to finding the perfect first home, work with the conveyors, sort out the home loan and finances, claim the first home owners stamp and payment of stamp duty. The well-qualified lending advisors and brokers of Atomic Home Loans are always ready to help the first home buyers throughout Australia to fulfill the terms and conditions.

Personalized Service – Our qualified first home buyer would be meeting the concerned buyers in person, wither via telephonic call or online and remain beside your throughout the journey. It is up to the clients to choose the type of suitable communication befitting them.

Choice – The Atomic Home Loan brokers make a comparison of large home loan products most likely from numerous leading banks on the behalf of the customers. They take specific steps so that they can help the customers to find a great value home loan which suits the needs of the customers.

First Home Owners Grant – Atomic Home Loan does not only assist the first time home buyers get access to the home loan eligibility as well as an application approval but also they assist the first home buyers who are eligible to gain access to the First Home Owners Grant application.

Specialists – The professional and trained Brokers are specialized with regards to helping the first time home buyers. Being experienced, they are aware of the fact that their customers are first time buyers; hence they are adroit to answer the queries and doubts of their clients. Hence they are always available to assist the customers step by step.

Tracker Access – The first time home buyers have the benefit to receive exclusive access to Atomic Home Loan’s tracker which provides them with every tool like calculators and live data which are needed to easily purchase the first home.

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