Mortgage Advisor

The experienced and learned mortgage advisor help the clients to find the best option to buy a property or a home. Having the expertise and skills, they are a helping hand in the application process added by the appealing service to our clients to buy a house. Along with giving the advice the mortgage advisor of Atomic Enterprises Pty Ltd even offers a few remarkable services.

  • Different exciting mortgage options from which a client can choose.
  • Advice related to repayments, mortgage protection, and refinancing.
  • Rendering building insurance with the mortgage itself.

Each mortgage advisor working with us have the required skills

  • Efficient communication along with listening skills.
  • Ability to give a clear and simple explanation of the complex information.
  • Excellent skills to fulfill the customer services.
  • A consistent attitude of honesty and trustworthiness.
  • An active interest s surrounding the financial and legal matters associated with properties and homes.
  • Superlative mathematical and computer skills.
  • Respect for the information which is confidential.

Being the liable mortgage advisor, they satisfy the various questions of the clients like

  • What are the present loan rates?
  • Will the loan rates undergo any change when I shall be purchasing my house?
  • What is the simple difference underlying the current adjustable rates and fixed loan rates?
  • For how long should I have to clear the payments or what the exact loan terms?
  • Should there be any lender fees to be aware of prior to signing in?
  • Is there a need for mortgage insurance on the basis of the down payment amount put down? And if it is so, then how much is the cost?

There is the certain number of variables which contribute to getting the right mortgage rates, terms, and lender, and our advisor are experts to provide the clients with each detail. They carry out the legwork for the clients to develop the confidence that they are making the best decisions to buy homes. To fulfil the responsibilities, the mortgage advisor meet the clients for assessing their financial circumstances which include completing the fact finds. Next, they work to source a mortgage by making use of the specialist software like Mortgage Brain or Trigold. To discover whether a specific set of conditions can be met, or whether a few particular properties are still available for being changed or are liable to change, so they speak with lenders. For the clients to have a comprehensible idea about the mortgage, they advise them on the appropriate mortgage for their circumstances.

As an additional aid, they complete the application forms in favour of their clients; calculate the rental yields and criteria for purchase to let properties. Speaking with the conveyors, lawyers and agents they confirm a mortgage’s details.  The crucial task of ensuring that the documentation is witnessed and signed properly is done by them. Financial Service Authority does its investigation sometimes without any prior notice, so it is vital for them to have the systematic documentation imperative. Hence they are careful while looking after a client’s affairs in a full orderly and compliant manner. Expiration of mortgage deals records is maintained by them and they contact the clients for minimising their long-term costs. Last but not the least; they keep abreast of developments taking place in macroeconomic events and relevant legislation.

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